Asiansexdiary - A
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - A

Dear Diary, As I said yesterday, I would try to hunt in one of those parks close to my hotel today. I first had to change my hotel, however, because I booked the previous one for just 2 nights and didn’t expect it to be fully-booked so fast so my room was taken for the coming days and I had to look for another one. I found one close to the park, also at the riverside. Once checked in, I went for a walk to the park and I saw a few girls walking around, but never really alone… until I spotted a MILF sitting alone. I came closer and I didn’t find her very attractive but I figured why not. It’s especially important on my first days here to make new friends. I started to talk with her and thankfully, she could speak English well. That was unexpected. It’s normally more difficult to find girls that speak good English in Laos, I heard. Her name was A, a 25yo working as a technician on European cars. That’s pretty special! I had no further plans with this MILF but I felt that she was really willing to do more so I though, why not fuck her since she clearly needs it?! I dropped her a few hints and she was smiling in reply so yes, she needs to get fucked very hard! I told her to come make pictures in my room and she said “yes”. Very desperate MILF, for sure. I only had to promise to keep it short because her lunch break was almost over. Up in my room, I began to make a few pictures first but the look in her eyes were just screaming “FUCK ME NOW MISTER!” so I showed her my dick and she started to suck. Just then, her boss started to call her. She had to hurry. I turned her over and fucked her right away in doggy. We took off our clothes and fucked like crazy for 15 minutes. She loved it, I loved it and I creampied my first Lao girl in Lao territory! Wonderful. She hurried to leave as her boss was really mad, haha! This was fun. Great start to my new country!