Asiansexdiary - Ae / Eating with Sisi
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Ae / Eating with Sisi

Dear Diary, Last night, after the drama with Sisi and Lulu, I went to a bar where I also picked up Ann before. Hoping to find a new Filipina to shoot, I was instead delighted by a new girl from Thailand that just arrived and was on her first night. She said that she never even worked in a bar in Thailand. Her name Ae, a 19yo fresh and new girl that only fucked one Thai BF before. That’s what I like to hear! I talked to her using a translator app on my phone and she did like me, had no problem with making pictures and so… into my taxi and off to the hotel. She looked a little bit Chinese and there was something special about her. She did all I asked of her in my room, so that was great. I think one of our members (bechill1) will be super happy with this girl, having no tits at all. This must be it, man. Can’t find smaller than this. I must say that I really got exited for it, as well. I licked her small hairy pussy (she is clearly a newbie!) and couldn’t wait to fuck her. When she got on top, she was slowly coming and that was super exciting, man! That face of pleasure. Later, a good BJ and then creampie in doggie! That was so good. At around 3am, she left. I woke up at noon and had my date with Sisi at 3pm at Timesquare. We did some shopping, talked about the drama of last night and bought some clothes for her and I, hoping that this would get her excited for more. Then sushi. Great time, but she had to leave me at 7pm to go work. WHTFCK! Why didn’t she tell me before!? Typical. Anyways, I was still tired from last night so I didn’t mind it THAT much. I will see Sisi again soon for sure and try again. At least if you guys think that she is worth the effort…