Asiansexdiary - An
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - An

Dear Diary, Went for a long walk through the city today to explore, go shopping and eat out. A lot of energy in this city, I love it. Around 8pm, I walked close to the place where I found that girl before. I was lucky again to see an Asian girl there. I went to talk with her but she could only speak Spanish. A man helped us. The girls is named An, a 24yo. First, I had no idea where she came from. I tried to ask her on our way to my room but she did not understand my question. Once in my room, I saw the tattoos on her back and it was clear to me that she was a Thai lady. We talked a bit with my translator. She has been in Barcelona for 3 years now and has a baby in Chiang Mai. Funny to see how Thai girls adapt to the place they work. Her clothes and make-up all looked very European trash-style to me. I think that Europeans like this style more. Anyways, MILF or not, I really had a good time with her. She was very easy in posing and got horny quickly. This was a wild fuck. Loved her fat ass so much. I will go visit Parc Guell tomorrow, another famous place here. And of course, there is my date with Cookie (Fon’s classmate). I am very excited about this girl. She looks amazing in the pics.