Asiansexdiary - Andrea
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Andrea

Dear Diary, I decided to visit Zena, this afternoon, at her work at the beach. When I arrived there she totally avoided me, as if I was not even there. Just see the video! So I guess her boyfriend or whatever was there, as well, and she could not show that she knew me. I simply walked away and decided to go hunt at the beach, instead. And look… I found myself a 20yo cutie whom was walking bored on the beach! She was more than happy that I wanted to talk with her. She agreed to walk to my room, after 10 minutes chatting, and we passed Zena’s little restaurant on the way. She must have seen us and I loved the idea, haha. Anyways, Andrea was a real sweetheart and she really did everything that she could to please me. She really had a nice body and super cute tits. I licked her petite pussy and then fucked her like crazy. Damn, I needed this so much. Creampied her and got her number. She then left. I just got a message from Zena, saying that she saw me with another girl. So predictable! I am not even going to reply… taste of her own medicine.