Asiansexdiary - Angelica
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Angelica

Dear Diary, Was on my way to the beach bars when suddenly, I came across a sexy looking-girl whom was walking in the same direction as me. I walked to her and started to talk. She was giggling and smiling all over, clearly into me. Her name is Angelica, a 23yo local girl. We had a drink and I asked her there if I could take some pics in my room with her. She was all cool with it, so off to my room we went! I really had no idea how much of a nice small ass and pair of big boobs she had but it was immediately clear to me once she started to undress in my room. Damn. Look at those nice hanging tits with big nipples she has! I really like these types of boobs, man!!! I got so fucking horny. Nice pussy, as well. Once all undressed, I started to eat her pussy and to fuck her. I was so horny that I came within 10 minutes in our first position. Sorry for that, guys. But – no worries, she is sleeping over and I promise to take my time with her for a proper long shoot in the morning. We are going to sleep now. I will probably creampie her again in the middle of the night.