Asiansexdiary - Angely
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Angely

Dear Diary, Went for a long walk today and had no expectations, at all, until I saw a girl with a lot of tattoos walking alone. I approached her and acted like I liked her tattoos and wanted to take some pics of them. She totally believed me and we talked about it for 10 minutes on the street, until I invited her to my place so I could make nice pics of all her tattoos. She was into it and I could even feel that she liked me. Her name is Angely, a 22yo local Malaysian girl. In my room, I continued my flirting and it seemed to work very nicely on her. Another easy-going Malay girl. I have been very lucky on this trip and Malaysia is going to stay on my priority list after this trip. Got to undress her to have a better look at her tattoos. She probably knew that I was more interested in her boobs and pussy than anything else because 5 minutes later, I was already eating that pussy. Enough talking about tattoos, time for the real thing here! What a little slut she was, sucking my dick like a pro. I fucked her hard because that is exactly what she deserved. Creampied her deep and then she left. What a day! Later on, I sent her the pics of her tattoos as promised. Everybody happy!