Asiansexdiary - Anita
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Anita

Dear Diary, Last night, I got a call from Ali that she had another Cambodian friend who also was interested in making some photos. She told me that she had big boobs, so I said yes. 24yo Anita was in my room 2 hours later. I liked her. Sweet face and a great attitude. We started to make pics right away and she seemed to enjoy it. A little shy but that’s normal. I was curious to see those boobs and I really got surprised. Big brown nipples and Milfie hanging tits. Yummie! I was into this, for sure. She gave me a real good BJ, kissed my balls and spread her legs for me to come in. It really felt good and she was enjoying it a lot, as well. Fucked her in all of my favourite positions and creampied her. Her english was too small to keep her any longer. So after exactly one hour, she left my room. Good for me because I really needed a rest. I am not really fit for the moment. It must have to do with all the medicines I have been taking lately. I am thinking of taking a litlle break in the coming days before heading on to Vietnam, my new destination for my diary. I am very excited about that.