Asiansexdiary - Ann: Great time
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Ann: Great time

Dear Diary, Early in the afternoon, I decided to go to the department store to buy some drinks. Once inside, I saw a sexy girl walking alone. I liked her ass and face so I started to follow her. It seemed that she also understood that I was filming here but was acting like nothing was any different. I felt that this could be a girl that would be happy with a foreigner’s attention. Once close to her, I said hello and her whole body language showed me that this sexy Thai lady was into foreign dick. She was sweet, smiling and liked my presence. I helped her look for some kitchen stuff and asked her for a drink so that’s what we did. I got to know more about her. Name is Ann, works in a coffeshop and is 25yo. This is a very nice age. Thai girls of that age start to stress about not being married yet and are more willing to do crazy things to get the love they have been dreaming off. I felt confident here and asked her to go to my hotel with me. Of course, she wanted it and this was also her day off. So there… we went to my hotel! She liked my room and loved to pose. When I asked her to take off her jeans, she first acted a little shocked but her smile said “YES, I want it! please let me suck your dick!”. Man, the panties she had on… black see-through sexy panties! I kept clearly seeing her pussy. When I gave her a kiss, she kissed me back willingly. The game was on, nothing more would come in between her small wet pussy and my master hero-dick!!!! I got her naked within 10 minutes with her sucking my dick just 5 minutes later. What a nice little talent we had here. That’s the good thing about Thailand, the girls don’t need to work in a bar to know how to suck a dick. It’s like a natural talent, like Japanese being stronger in Mathematics, Afro being better in dancing and running… all Thais can suck dick! Whores, sales ladies, mothers, nurses… what a paradise country! I would change their nickname Land of Smiles into Land of Suck. Anyways, this good girl gave a great time and was into all positions, screaming out her pleasures! No problem for her to creampie either… she probably hopes for more. When she left, she asked me to visit her coffee shop. What will I do Can I find the time? It’s also most likely a TRAP! She might take it seriously if I go there to see her… and that’s not what we want.