Asiansexdiary - Ann4 revisit
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Ann4 revisit

Dear Diary, As promised yesterday, I went to Wanchai to pick up Ann. I made an episode with her a year ago and to my surprise, I saw her this week still working in the same bar. I ate first in a bar opposite to the bars. I even saw Lexi sitting outside one of the bars. So that’s where She and Chris must be working. I tried to avoid them seeing me, so I hurried inside of Ann’s bar. The girls were happy to see me again. I had one drink (expensive there) and then went up to my room with Ann. We had a nice talk in my room and she showed me her special bra and panties . Kinky. I love this girl. She is so cool and naughty. She gave me a great BJ again and I ate that perfectly shaped pussy of hers (looks like a virgin pussy). We were both very horny but she was a little sore in the pussy. I proposed that I fuck her ass then instead (remembering member parasuco’s request also), even though she has never done that before. But still, she wanted to try it. Great girl. This was so fucking good. Virgin ass fucked and creampied! What a wonderful way to end my week in Hong Kong. And again, on your request, guys! I fly back to Thailand to visit the little city of Udon Thani on Monday. I remember one of the members here told me to take a visit there. There seems to be lots of young girls there, farm fresh pussy. Not spoiled by city-cash. I will go there for one week, for sure. Then maybe I will go back to Bangkok… or better China. I am going to go sleep now. Ann is staying here tonight.