Asiansexdiary - AVN: Day 2 & Showgirl ...
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - AVN: Day 2 & Showgirl ...

Dear Diary, Day 2 of the AVN show and I was ready to find another showgirl to fuck. I visited the show, first thing in the morning, and talked to many people while it was not busy yet. Talked to Megan Rain, with the manager of the Japanese Idols and some more managers before the big crowd arrived. I managed to plan a meet with one of the showgirls. She had a 1 hour break, at 1pm, and that’s when we had a great fuck. Very cute girl. She could be the cuter and taller version of Megan Rain. This girl is doing modeling and porn, as well, but her body was really that of a model. It felt like fucking a top model and she was horny as hell. Really enjoyed this fuck and gave her a nice porn facial! She then ran back to work at the show and promised me contact with her friend, whom is a showgirl for Etology, one of the head sponsors here. A Hungarian girl. That sounds promising. I then made a last round at the AVN show and had some food. Now back in my room enjoying my rest. What a wild week already. I think I am going to stay a little longer, to check out the city. Who knows. After that, I decided to fly back to Bali.