Asiansexdiary - Beer
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Beer

Dear Diary, I had my date with Beer at 4pm today, after her work. This girl is 23yo and works for a transport company, I understood. A secretary. So, I expected to meet a serious girl and that is also the first impression she made to me. We met at the McDo. She brought 3 other girls with her, another ‘serious’ sign. We had a long talk before going to my hotel. I got her to go with me for ‘just making a few pictures’. You know me, guys. Once arrived, she totally changed. When her friends were still there, she was acting very serious. Once alone with me, she was more flirty and relaxed. The room was filled with horniness. I understand that she didn’t have a BF for 3 years now and did not have sex for more then a year. So yes, she likes me a lot and yes, she wanted to fuck me so badly. One moment she said ‘today, I have sex with you’. Ok, I accepted that request! We started to kiss more and more then I got her to undress very easily, after all. She was so wet and came when I ate her pussy. Just look at the video, how wild this was. For sure, the best fuck in Koh Samui for me. Very passionate. I came 4 times guys, her 3 times. Of course she wanted to meet again and I said yes, but honestly… I will be careful with this one. She is looking for a BF, for sure. Koh Sui is going strong for me, guys!