Asiansexdiary - Bernadeath
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Bernadeath

Dear Diary, I took some time getting used to another hotel again and decided to go for a little walk in the afternoon. Nothing special happened at first until I saw a petite Filipina with big boobs walking around. I was not sure if she was a Pinay or what at first and decided to follow her. The moment I talked to her, I was 100% sure. That accent, that smile and that easiness… I wish all girls were like that. She saw my cam and didn’t mind at all. I asked if I could take a picture… sure why not?! I asked her to join me in my room… sure why not?! Her name is Death! What a name. Later on, I understood that it was Bernadeth but she prefers to say Death. She’s a 19yo housekeeper for a rich Indian family that is living in Hong Kong. Man, I wish I had a maid like that, too! This girl is damn pretty, sexy and horny! She started to pose and take off her clothes without me even asking her to. Filipinas just love to pose! …and to suck dick! Just watch how she was taking care of my dick. This darling just loves to suck a white dick, with love. Why would you ever marry a white chick if you see this?!! I sucked her pussy and gave her the best I had to offer. She kept on asking to cum in her pussy. Man, I was so fucking horny that I creampied her. Just as she wished. Later on, when I was putting my signature and new stamp on her, she said she was horny again!!!! And by the way, she is still here, waiting for me in my bed. She wanted to stay but will have to wake up early to go work again. I will try to shoot a new clip for you guys before she leaves! Goodnight, I am going to fuck her again now before we sleep 🙂