Asiansexdiary - Bou
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Bou

Dear Diary, I walked around today and went to a mall where there was almost nobody. Business is going bad. Then, it started to rain so I went back to my room. From my room I could see some Chinese girls in the swimming pool. 1 was kind of cute, the 2 others were fat. When these girls were leaving I saw another girl at the gate of the hotel, looking for shelter from the rain. I felt that this was an opportunity and ran downstairs. I had a talk with her in the lobby. She said “yes” for a date but was more difficult to convince at making pictures. After 20 minutes of chat, she said “yes”, finally. Even if she was the no-emotion type of girl, I was still excited to fuck her. I liked her, even if she was a 29yo MILF. She continued being like that even once in my room, though. Just no emotion and no enthusiasm. I guess that’s how she was. Anyways, I took the pics and banged her hard. I liked that pussy with the small hair-line. She only started to relax more once I ate her pussy. That almost always works with these kind of girls. Creampied and she left. Not easy in Siem Reap!