Asiansexdiary - Chacha
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Chacha

Dear Diary, Went for a walk this morning, only to find out that there was nobody at the beach again. This place is really not a monger hotspot. It’s more like a family holiday location. No pussy here. As I was getting messages from Rosa, all the time, I decided to make this my last day here and go back to the center of Batam tomorrow. After that, I went for a new walk in the afternoon, hoping to catch any pussy possible… even just a normal Indo girl, whatever. After 20 minutes, I spotted a MILF sitting alone at the beach. No hesitation here, I had to try. I walked up to her began a conversation with her. She looked totally average but I didn’t care. I first played the ‘stupid tourist wanting to take a picture’ card then smooth-talked her into a little walk together, to finally ending up inviting her to my room. 29yo Chacha, simply has a little shop here where she sells souvenirs of Batam. Probably she didn’t get fucked in a long time because once in my room, she was totally into anything. Once I got a first kiss from her, I simply took over and grabbed her ass, made her suck my dick and then fucked that massive Latina-style ass of hers! I always told you guys to never underestimate normal-looking girls and MILFs. They are the hidden-treasures of Asia! You can say whatever you want about her beauty but I simply enjoyed this fuck, very much. Ok, guys, see you tomorrow again in the center of Batam.