Asiansexdiary - Convention Day 2 / Latina S ...
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Convention Day 2 / Latina S ...

Dear Diary, Convention day 2 turned out to be a big win already! I arrived at the showroom , at around 11am, and started to talk with a lot of these hot chicks. The girls from Stripchat and the Latinas from LALexpo were not surprised by my requests to make some pics and video in my room later on. The stripchat girls said they have a girl coming tomorrow who might be interested. The Latinas already had a girl ready for action this afternoon. I had to come to the stand at around 1pm and wait for their sign. Then, one told me to go to their apartment where one the girls, named Maria, was waiting for me already. I went straight to that apartment on the 4th floor and there she was. We went to a little backdoor kitchen, as there were other girls in that apartment as well. This girl was just pure fun. We made a deal and then started to shoot the whole thing. I filmed her latina ass, fucked her and creampied her within the 20 minutes that she had for me. Before leaving, we talked a little and she agreed to come to my room later on, when she had a longer break today, so I could shoot her with a better camera. So, I went back to the convention and filmed more sexy girls before going to my room when Maria send me a message. There again, we had a great fuck and she let me creampie her again. It seems like I really need to travel to Latin America. These girls are wild! Guys, I feel like this trip to Vegas is going to get very wild!