Asiansexdiary - Crystel, Laiza’s (yes ...
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Crystel, Laiza’s (yes ...

Dear Diary, There she is again, Laiza, my eternal GF of Angeles! Always ready to bring me new girls. She deserves a prize! Yesterday, she replied to my message after me asking if she was still angry with me. She said “no” and even told me that she had a girl for me. She only wanted to come with her in exchange for a little gift and if I would not fuck her (no 3some). No problem for me, at least it’s clear this time. I am kind of lazy at this moment, feeling tired all the time. I think that traveling to Europe and having in fact been traveling now for more than a year started getting to my body. Sorry if I take it a little more easy-going in the next week or so. Somehow, I hoped that Laiza will help me by bringing me new girls. I need a rest from the hunt, especially now in AC with all those raids and undercover cops. So, 6pm, she was there and she was in very good spirit. She was happy to see me and was even flirting with me the whole time. I was hoping she would join the action but she really din’t want to. I was happy with her friend and neighbor, Crystel, anyways. Crystel is a MILF with a nice face and ass. She’s a little bit chubby from already having a baby, but… very horny. She just wouldn’t stop sucking my dick! A real talent! Loved fucking that MILF! Somehow, Filipina MILFs are always great to fuck. I am sure many of you will agree with that. Creampied her and she was happy when she left. Got a message later from Laiza that she will bring me some more friends. That’s the spirit! I going to rent a motorbike tomorrow and ride around town. See ya.