Asiansexdiary - Da
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Da

Dear Diary, On request of a member this week, I decided to go barhopping and try to film inside the bars of Nana Plaza! And why not to find me a girl for the night. Already when I arrived, I found a skinny cutie that didn’t start work yet and had to do her make-up first. Her English was poor but she gave me her number. I said that I would meet her later in the night at her bar. Meanwhile, I went to check another bar and I managed to film with my glasses and my iPhone. I hope these images are good enough for you guys! There were so many sexy girls and I didn’t know who to choose. One very skinny MILF-looking girl was trying to get my attention all the time. I was doubting her but decide to go for it as I knew it would be fun and easier to shoot. I was not in the mood to waste too much time. I was right, this MILF immediately said yes to filming so off we went. Her name is Da, a 27yo from the North Thailand. She had the right attitude and that is what I needed tonight. I gave her some sexy slutty pants to wear once in my room. This was going to be a good ol’ horny fuck. Everything I needed: Bood bj, wild bareback fuck, creampie and a shot more for her small and wonderful ass. And now comes the good news. Before leaving, she said she had another MILF friend who likes to do 3somes. Wow, another member’s request! Her friend works in the same bar, so she would ask her about it. Of course I agreed but only for after tomorrow (I need a rest tomorrow). That will be my last night in Bangkok, too. On the 31st of Dec, I have my flight to Chiang Mai, to celebrating New Years there.