Asiansexdiary - Dee
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Dee

Dear Diary, I am spoiling you this week, with another Asian-caucasian mix pornstar. Meet the incredible Lady Dee, an absolutely stunning bling-bling beauty that agreed to do a shoot with me after I met her agent last week at the convention. She said she was a fan of my diary, too! I’m fucking a fan! hahaha. We met in a little pizza restaurant and ate a pizza together, before heading to my room for some steamy horny sex! Just the reality of fucking such a high level of pussy, made me so fucking horny and you’ll see in that video how crazy this went. Again, good chemistry with this one so she agreed to go out with me at night and sleep over. How many can say they’re having a real bonafida pornstar sleeping over in their bed? What a feeling!!!