Asiansexdiary - Elsa
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Elsa

Dear Diary, I changed hotels this morning to be as far as possible from the manifestations and violence in the centre. Bad timing, as I ended up in a very small room. No time to look for another room, so I will change again tomorrow. By night-time, I wanted to go out to Wanchai. Somehow, hoping to meet Sisi again. But instead, I met Brenda who was on her way to a date. She still had time to talk with me and have a drink, though. Suddenly, her friend Elsa (another SEXY MILF housemaid from Indonesia) arrived. I met her once before on my last visit to Hong Kong. She was dancing very naughty with Brenda that time. So, I just knew she was a little bitch 😉 When we left, it seemed like Elsa had nothing else to do so I invited her to have another drink at Soho. Brenda left us then we took a taxi. However, instead of going for another drink, Elsa an I agreed on going straight to my room for a good fuck. I only had to promise not to tell Brenda. That was a good deal! That little petite Indonesian MILF had everything I needed tonight: A good naughty wild sex-party. She made me so wild and I was so horny that I already came in the first position. Fuck it. But guys, no worries, I’ll fuck this little beast again in the morning!