Asiansexdiary - Eye
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Eye

Dear Diary, I got a message from the cam girl named Eye, this morning. She was confirming our meeting at 2pm. We would meet at a McDo close to my hotel. When I arrived, she was already there. When she saw that I was filming, she asked me to stop filming. She was so shy about other people around us. I filmed a little on the way to our hotel. Once there, it was ok to make pictures, even if she looked to be a no-emo girl. Strange sometimes how camgirls can be totally different in real life. On chat, she seemed totally sexual and horny, now I had to deal with a nun. Good thing that I made it clear in advance that we would be meeting to make some pictures and video. Another disappointment was her makeup. It was just over the top, while trying to hide her pimples. Once she got naked, I didn’t mind that at all anymore, seeing how wonderful her body and her tits were. Those tits! Perfect shape and delicious! Now that’s the kind of boobs that I like. She gave me a good long BJ and then it was my turn to stuff that pussy. Nice small pussy. I don’t think that she hooks up with customers very often. She probably makes her money with cams. She didn’t act like a pro and was a little starfishing. But again, loved that body and those boobs, so enjoyed well! No creampie allowed but a good facial on that over-makeup-laden face was a nice finishing touch for this trophy. After we finished, she had to leave. She had to start on duty at 6pm, back to her webcam!