Asiansexdiary - Eye
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Eye

Dear Diary, I waited all day long today for my Chinese pussy but got the excuses started. I had only one chance left then, my date with the mysterious Thai girl at Acacia mall. I arrived there on time, at 7pm, but she was nowhere to be found. I went for a walk in the mall, hoping to see some Chinese girls but was very disappointed with that, as well. Had a coffee in the restaurant opposite of KFC where a few Chinese girls were sitting. By 8pm, I decided to go and sit in the KFC to wait for her there. There were some white people and and some Indian people inside. I ordered some food and sat waiting, checked out my Kampala map and then suddenly a skinny Thai-looking girl walked in with a 3 Asian looking men. Damn, she looked and waved at me. It was her! She sat with me and the 3 guys went sitting a few tables aside. They seemed to be her friends. 2 clearly gay and one old man. She explained to me that they were her friends, 2 Thai men and a Cambodian. They work at her father’s business, an Indian/Thai restaurant. Ok, I got it, they just come to check out if it was safe. I paid for their food, they were happy. Her name is Eye, an 18yo. She is very bored here and was happy to meet me. She was clearly not very confident with her beauty, that’s why she didn’t want to show more of her before. But honestly, I liked her. Ok, not the most beautiful face, but for sure skinny and sweet. I asked her to make some pics in my room and to my surprise, she agreed. I think she wanted to be alone with me. I guess she must be very ‘bored’ in other ways here, too. So up to my room! The 3 guys stayed at KFC. We talked more in my room and I made a lot of pictures. I expected this to end soon, without any boom boom, so I did a test and I asked her for a kiss. She gave me that kiss! Ok, so now I knew that she liked me, too. That was the signal to ask for more and get her naked. She was absolutely not shy to do it and it was clear that this was going to become a great shoot. I hope that you agree with me guys, that this girl is simply wonderful. Sexy skinny body with nice round tits, bony ass, soft skin and a hairy pussy. John Tron very happy! I licked her pussy and made her cum. She gave me a great BJ in return and then we fucked for a long long time so I have a long 50-minute video for you guys today! Creampie, too! I asked her to stay but she really had to go back home before midnight. Her father would never allow it. She said that she was working every day in her father’s restaurant and asked to meet again next weekend. I said “yes”. Basically, this girl feels very alone here. She is no option for the Chinese men, she doesn’t like black men and fancies white men. I was the right man at the right time! She left and I am now ready to sleep. Very satisfied. No need for any Chinese excuses for me! If the pussy don’t come to me, I go to the pussy 😉 Tomorrow is my shoot with Fifi!