Asiansexdiary - Fang
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Fang

Dear Diary, When I was on my way out of my hotel, this morning, I saw a Chinese girl sitting alone and busy sending messages on her phone. I had seen her yesterday with 2 older people, her parents I guessed. But now, she was there alone. So in an instant moment of inspiration, I decided to go sit next to her and try to chat with her. It turned out to be a genius idea. It was as if she was happy that someone came to talk to her. She was all smiles and super cute. Her name is Fang, a 20yo from Shanghai. She’s here on a Bali holiday with her parents but is also apparently super bored. So, we talked about the Island and her plans. She’s staying until the 16th of February. I was thinking how to proceed with this one and then talked about a nice restaurant that I know of (the one I’ve been to with Amira) and she was so responsive to it that I asked her out. She agreed and so we said to meet again at 1pm, much to my surprise. She gave me her whatsapp and I walked away to buy some stuff. At around 11am, I texted her and she was still totally into it. So we met in the lobby at 1pm and walked to the restaurant. She had a yellow dress on and told me that she wore is especially for me… damn. She was also totally impressed by the place and loved everything about it, and the food. She allowed me to make pictures of her and we were openly flirting the whole time. The mood was perfect for me to invite her to my room and make pictures there. She said yes, of course. So, off we went. Full shoot, too! You could see how much she loved the attention. By sweet talking, slowly touching and kissing her more and more, I got where I needed to be: in her pants! Damn yes, #METOO in her fucking Chinese pussy! She got so wild and horny that I didn’t even take the time and effort to undress her. I was so wild and creampied her. She even wanted it that way… what a little slut! We talked for a bit and she ran back to her parents, on her floor of my hotel. She asked me to act as if I didn’t even know her, if we crossed each other in the hotel with her parents. haha! That’s my girl. She already texted me again and said that she will drop by in the morning when her parents go for a massage. … to be continued!!!