Asiansexdiary - Gang
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Gang

Dear Diary, After the disappointment of yesterday, I really needed something positive today. I decided to go to the park again around 1pm. When I arrived, two girls were sitting. The one in a red dress with high heels seemed to be the best option. The other girl was hiding her face. Never a good sign. When I asked the red-dress girl if I could take a picture, she said “No”, haha. I used my charm and smile to make her change her mind very quickly. Again, a girl with no knowledge of the English language. I simply decided to take the lead. I took some pictures and took her hand on way to my room. As easy as that. Once there, this 22yo named Gang got totally into it. She smiled and acted horny. She was suddenly very playful and I really had a good time with her. It’s not easy to find many girls here but once you have one… you’re golden! This was really a great fuck. You could see how she loved to suck that strong big white cock. Same as Nap 2 days ago, she seemed very desperate to get fucked. Maybe that’s the thing in Cần Thơ. Not many girls but at least very horny. She gave her number as she was leaving and hopes that I call her for another round. Who knows. Oh, tomorrow, I will do a boat trip on the Mekong.