Asiansexdiary - Gay
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Gay

Dear Diary, I woke up this morning with my 2 angels who were in a great mood as always. As I asked them to come back when their period is over and I wanted to avoid drama so I changed my hotel in the afternoon. I really wanted to catch new pussy tonight and wanted to avoid the 2 girlfriends showing up by “surprise”. Around 8pm, I went to Walking Street and had a drink at the beer bars. One girls came to sit next to me, named Gay. She’s a 19yo and on her day off. She only came to say hello to one of the girls working in that beer bar but I asked her if she wanted to go out with me. She had that nice smile and round ass. A young sweetheart. She agreed if I would buy some clothes for her. No problem for that! So off we went… I bought 1 pair of shoes, 3 dresses and 6 panties… all for like 700 baht. She was totally happy and once in my room, she continued on telling me what she dreams and wishes for. That’s where she told me that she wanted to get silicon boobs. Fucking hell, 40 000 baht. I know that she was telling me this in hopes that I would buy them for her. NEVER BABY! First, I am not a fan of plastic. Secondly, why should I? I liked her small boobs and especially… her fat ass! I fucked her well (after getting a poor BJ) and I was really excited. Loved the shape of her pussy. Felt really good inside. Wanted to creampie but she insisted that I cum outside, on her ass. Well well, she is sleeping here now. I will fuck that ass again tomorrow morning, for sure. Delicious.