Asiansexdiary - Gin
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Gin

Dear Diary, Went for a long walk, today. First the beach and then shopping mall. I have been thinking a lot about the difficulties of this week and there must be only one reason: high season, it’s obvious that the girls have too many options now. The good girls are taken early and for multiple days. I decided to leave now and maybe come back when it’s more quiet. Tomorrow, I will do a last round at the bars for my last try then after that, I will go back to Bangkok and then Bali. A new place! The good news is that right when I just gave up, I met this girl on my way back from the mall. My battery was empty and I forgot to use my glasses. She was standing at the beach road, alone, clearly waiting for a customer. I had a talk with her but she only wanted to do it for 1 hour. Her name is Gin, a 23yo. Now in my room, I realized that I liked her skinny petite body and could not wait to fuck her. In the shower, I asked her to suck my dick then I turned her over and fucked her right away, where I came already, then we continued in bed for a second round. Good fuck. Nothing special but at least I could score a shoot again. Let’s try one more time tomorrow.