Asiansexdiary - Hien
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Hien

Dear Diary, Woke up early to change hotels. I now have a great room with big window. Got a message from An. She wants to see me again but I decided to go hunting for new pussy first with the request in mind to fuck less hookers. I went outside for a walk to try out my luck. Oh yes, this was my lucky day! It doesn’t happen often that a girl starts to talk and flirt with me, but today… this happened with a 25yo woman named Hien. She was standing next to me before crossing the street and was clearly looking at me. I followed her because I really liked her ass. Then, she suddenly asked my name. There we go! I invited her to go for a walk together and to buy a drink at the store. She was very caring, helping me with my bags and all. She seemed to like me a lot, that was clear. Of course, I asked to take a picture and that was no problem. Next step: come to my room… no problem at all, of course. Hien was clearly totally into me and into more. In my room, we talked a little more. I later understood that she is working in a little shop, selling stuff for tourists. She has white-fever, same way I have yellow fever! Perfect match. We continued to make pictures but we were both too horny to wait much longer. She took my dick and started to suck. She even said how much she loved my dick, haha. This is unusual. Just watch how she was enjoying my dick. Time to fuck her, I could not even wait to take off her clothes. Wild. This was so good, man. Later on, I fucked her ass a little bit. Even though she allowed me to, I felt that this wasn’t her favorite thing so… back to pussy and then a creampie. Wonderful fuck! I got her phone number as she asked me several times to meet again. We’ll see, but I am tempted.