Asiansexdiary - Italian Tourist & Leav ...
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Italian Tourist & Leav ...

Dear Diary, Man, it was such a good decision to go to the club last night. I was there for only 10 minutes when I saw a group of young Italian girls having the time of their lives, dancing like crazy. I got to dance and drink with them and was particularly interested in a skinny brunette, named Bella. She’s a 19yo student in Napoli. Her English was perfect and we started to flirt like teenagers. I had told her that I wanted to take pictures of her and she immediately agreed. 1 hour later, we were together on way to my hotel. We fucked on arrival and I just didn’t get the opportunity to shoot yet. She said “after” but then she fell asleep. I was so frustrated because I really wanted to show you this hottie. I just couldn’t sleep, so I turned on my night camera and started to film when she was sleeping. Damn, this was so exciting. When she woke up again, she didn’t even ask me about the camera. She just loved it as she had promised me before that she would let me film her. This was such a great unexpected encounter and shoot. It really made my night! After I creampied her (no questions asked haha), she took a shower and left. I then had to pack my bags to go to the airport 3 hours later. I just arrived in Penang. Will stay here a week before heading to KL. Wish me good luck!