Asiansexdiary - Joy2
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Joy2

Dear Diary, Had a lazy day but still wanted to try something new. First, checked into my new hotel and then booked a massage. A few hours later a MILF came to my room. She came and was extremely shy. Her English was also very poor. I used my translator to ask if I could make pictures of her while she was giving me a massage. She agreed. She was a 33yo woman from the Northern part of Thailand and it’s her first time in Hong Kong. She’s only been her for a month. Fresh and new! So, I decided to go for it. Just before she was ready to start her massage, I pulled out my dick out of my pants. Look at her face!! Haha. I thought that since she is Thai, she will understand how this works. But no, she was a little bit shocked at first. She then decided to follow my lead anyways. She was checking out the size of my dick and needed to prepare herself mentally for this task. Too funny, like a sportsman preparing for an important jump. Our conversations were lost in translation but I managed to direct her as to what I wanted from her. She did it well. Nice slow BJ. When I asked her to go for more and pull off her clothes, she needed to refresh her face with water. It’s clear that she didn’t have sex for a very long time and was never asked for this kind of service. The most important thing is that she did it after all. I fucked that MILF ass well and I can tell you that it was a good narrow unused pussy. She was becoming more wild herself, as well. This was a good fuck! I came and wanted to shoot her in her face but she was too clumsy to move away. Man, I had to laugh so much with this woman. Slapstick porn! Just watch the video, I’m sure you will have fun with it. She took a shower and I gave her a big tip. She was all smiles and left. Happy Thai MILF in Hong Kong!