Asiansexdiary - Kat / Fair Day 1
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Kat / Fair Day 1

Dear Diary, Guys, today you are getting a 1hour episode. So many things happened. First off, the fair was well into Day 1 today! I took a tram to the central station. Next to it is a hotel where the convention is happening. From the moment I arrived it was full of people and porn actresses. I have been filming as much as I could and I hope that you will enjoy this as much as I did. Ok, white chicks are not my taste… but still, they were hot. If I could choose one, I would still prefer an Asian girl but if one of these would end up on my plate, I would for sure enjoy the meal. From what I heard, these girls come from the Netherlands, UK , Czech republic and Russia. I asked around a bit to find out if these girls would be available for a shoot here and now but I only got negative answers. From what some professionals told me, they are all working for a certain company and are only allowed to shoot for them. Damn. Tomorrow, I will try to talk with a few of the girls and see what they will say. I am sure you guys would love me to bang one of them, right? After the fair, I walked back to my hotel. In my lobby, I found some cards with escort services on them. I went out to eat first at a nice place where many tourist were (also some Chinese). On my way back, I called the escort but they did not have Asians. One woman was kind to give me the number of another escort, less famous, but known for having Thai girls. I called and got a yes, even if it was a bit expense for my taste. They sent me a girl that arrived 30mins later. I liked her immediately but once in my room, she didn’t want to do a shoot and wanted to use a condom. I let her go and called the same company back again. They only had one more girl, a fresh 23yo Thai girl as well, that just arrived here one week ago. No English yet and no experience. The woman was telling me as if this was a bad thing. For me, that sounded perfect. The girl arrived 40mins later. Her name was Kat and she was a real sweetheart. Indeed no experience and so not spoiled by Western standards. I could not be any more happy. All that followed was great and I felt like I was back in Thailand, haha. After such a horny day at the fair, I needed a good fuck and that is what I got. Creampied her and then she left. Well done! Happy first fuck. More good news guys: Tomorrow morning, I am getting a pussy delivery from a friend in porn who is also in town. He said that he could send me a Cambodian girl at 9am. Perfect, just before I need to go back to the convention. You and I are getting spoiled here.