Asiansexdiary - Kieuw
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Kieuw

Dear Diary, It was a very windy day here today. Camera in hand, I went for my daily beach walk and while I was not expecting to find any girls there, I was still hoping to find a girl like Phuong from my first day here. Taking my camera with me was the right decision. Within 5 minutes of walking, I saw a very cute girl sitting alone in a lovely dress. She was totally my type: petite and skinny! I approached her to talk and she was quite shy. No English, of course. I had to use my phone to translate. SHe was very sweet, though. Her name is Kieuw. Only 18 years old and a student. Perfect timing. It was very easy to convince her to come to my room and take pictures of her. Once in my room, she was still shy about it all but was collaborating smoothly with me. I decided not to have her remove her clothes and just started to fuck her like that. It’s sometimes better this way. Many girls are unhappy about their body and they will think you wont like her… especially when taking pictures. So, I just got her horny enough then fucked her like that to make it easier to get shots of her naked later on. I really loved her body, small ass and hairy pussy. Her BJ was lovely and slow, with lots of love. She is clearly more of the type that is looking for a boyfriend. I like it when a girl lot of love into a BJ but the best part was really when I discovered her boobs. Amazingly beautiful! Skinny girls with nice round boobs are just so exciting. I was just so damn horny! We continued to fuck and I loved watching her ass in doggie style but she was soon back on top so I could see her shaking boobs. I creampied her, as I usually do. She was definitely another great trophy from here in Vung Tau for us. I must say that this was a real good idea coming to Vung Tau. We talked for awhile longer and then she left. Her parents were waiting for her and she still had to study. A girl to remember.