Asiansexdiary - Kim: Morning
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Kim: Morning

Dear Diary, Had a great sleep with Kim. What an angel, it feels like sleeping with my girlfriend. I had to wake her at 7am as she had to go work by 9am. I made sure to wake up and started to touch her body, making pictures of her perfect puki! What a wonderful pussy she has. I liked it and started to fuck her. She woke up slowly and got wild when she came on top. She was so passionate that we came together. Kim told me that she has not had sex in 5 months. Always working, never time for a boyfriend. That was clear. I was ready to take my shower when she started to give me a BJ. She wanted more. She got me hard again and I fucked her in doggy. We came together again. So good, my god. Sometimes it’s really special to fuck a normal girl. She took her shower and said that she really hoped to see me again. Kim clearly hopes for a relationship. She left and I went back to sleep. Later in the day, I get a message from Ann, saying that she would come with another friend tomorrow and that I knew her already! I asked if she came with her before. She said no. I had met her another time and already made pics with her. I asked who but said that it’s a “secret”. Typical Filipina. Now I am wondering who it could be! Bernadeath?? … Lexi? Chris? Jessica? Shane? Ok guys… who will it be, who do you think it is?? See you tomorrow for another surprise!