Asiansexdiary - Lina
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Lina

Dear Diary, Changed back to the villa, where I stayed last time and fucked Ice in my private pool. Remember? After that, I went for a walk in the city this afternoon, found a little temple and chatted with a girl that I found on a dating site. She gave me her WeChat and we continued to talk. She agreed to meet tonight, at 8pm, and would come to my place. Good sign already. She said to be a student and from the pics that I saw, she really looked cute! I told her I would love to make some pics of her and she agreed on that as well. I was excited to meet her and once she arrived, I was even more excited. Probably the cutest Malay that I have found yet. She seemed to like me a lot, as well, so that helped in convincing her into a shoot. We started slowly and she clearly loved to pose. I asked her to take off her clothes, piece by piece. That all rolled out well, so I started to touch and kiss her. She was totally open to it, so I went to the next level. She clearly understood where this was heading and played the game well. Showed her my dick and she knew right away what to do with it. Nice body and a beautiful small pussy. Damn, that felt good! She started on top and already came fast. Then, my turn until I first creampied her. A little later, I even shot some more sperm over her body. So good. Lina took a quick shower and then gave me her Whatsapp. These girls have so many apps these days. I hope to see her again. For those who are asking about Ice… yes, she is in town but I decided to hunt for new pussy first. Aprilia also sent me a picture off her friend, so I hope to meet that one soon as well.