Asiansexdiary - Lookgood: Part 2
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Lookgood: Part 2

Dear Diary, Last night, I went to sleep at 11 after having no messages back from Lookgood. I had given up, when I suddenly got a message at around 11:05. Her mother didn’t let her go out but she decided to wait for her mother to fall asleep. She asked me if she could sleep at my place and then leave at 7am in the morning to go to school. Perfect for me, of course. So she left her house at around 12am in secret, to come to my hotel. I love that. When she arrived, I was too tired to shoot and we were both too horny like new lovers. So, we fucked like crazy and it took just 10 minutes before we both came. Knowing that I was going to shoot in the morning, I set my wake up call at 6AM, so I could have at least one hour to do a good shoot. So that’s what happened. I slowly woke her up at 6am. I filmed her while she was still sleeping. Just look at her magnificent perfect pussy. So innocent, almost like a virgin. She told me that she did not have sex since she fucked me last year. Could that be true?? It seemed so. This girl really likes me. The Lao students here are really looking for a BF. So, guys, just watch the video and see how I enjoyed fucking this sweetheart. Nice small boobs and a big round ass. Rare in Asia. Creampied her twice this morning. With last night, that makes 3. She then had to hurry to school and there came the surprise of the morning: She had to wear a traditional Lao dress, the one I have been fancying since I arrived here. Didn’t she look marvelous in it!!? Damn, I am so lucky! 7:30, she left, and she told me twice that she wanted to see me again before I leave again. I need to be careful with this one (and with Ping, and with Sai…) After she left, I went to sleep again. At night, I went for a walk and saw another cute student in Lao dress in a store, but I was just too tired and satisfied already. I then to an Italian restaurant. Great pizza Quattro staggione! Delicious. What a great day I had. See you tomorrow.