Asiansexdiary - Louise
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Louise

Dear Diary, So guys, I had my date with the British lady Louise, on holiday here in Barcelona. From the first moment that I saw and talked to her, I knew that this was going to end in a hardcore fuck and probably a shoot, as well. All things pointed in the right direction: she had dressed herself up well, was flirty and funny (same as in her chats). She was complaining about her boring travelling companion and wanted this holiday to end on a positive note. More so, she has tattoo’s, a piercing in her tongue (for BJ lovers) and hinted at me that she likes to pose. Even likes doing some home DIY nude photography. Do I need to tell you more? After 30 minutes of Spanish tapas, white wine and high level flirting, I got her to follow me to my fancy apartment. From there, the fun just went on and I could tell from her facial expressions that she just couldn’t wait to suck my dick! I started to touch her pussy and she went on to undress and show me all of her assets! Nice ass, petite pussy and perfect-sized tits! I gave her my ‘toy’ and then she simply transformed in a cock-hungry British slut! Man man man! Just watch this episode! I wish all Asian girls could perform like this! This was high level horniness with a good deep and filthy creampie, as finishing touch! After such a depressing time in London, I got rewarded for my efforts and patience … and you as well! More to come here in Barcelona. I am already chatting with another British slut! Oh… before I forget, Louise is going to a schoolgirl themed party tonight. I was desperate to go there, as well, but I had no ticket and it seemed it was a private British party. Sounds very naughty! The good news is that Louise promised to come back in her schoolgirl dress, after the party, for a little show! Sad that she is already leaving tomorrow night, back to London.