Asiansexdiary - Mai
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Mai

Dear Diary, After bad luck in the mall yesterday, I decided to not give up on mall-hunting yet so I went to Terminal 21 again. When I was almost entered I already spotted a cute MILF in a blue dress. She looked like a perfect target for an upskirt, so that’s what I did of course. I remembered a member asking to try to connect and bang one of my upskirt-girls, so I decided to follow her a bit longer. She stopped at a Starbucks and made a call. I was doubting if I should go for it or not and made a little tour around instead, looking for other girls. When I passed the Starbucks, the MILF was still there waiting. So, I simply approached her and asked her what her name is. Mai is a 27yo MILF that was waiting for a friend that just cancelled their meeting. She was pissed but when I invited her to go eat, she seemed to have forgotten about her friend quite quickly. It was clear to me then that she was into more. We ate and kept it short then I asked her to go to my room and she immediately said “yes”. This was going to be fun… and it was! She was a bit shy about the pictures but mostly because of a lack of confidence. These girls always think they’re ugly but a bit of positive confirmation is enough to get their pants dripping wet. She sucked my dick like a pro and man, I really loved that round ass of hers. Such a great fuck this was! She gave me her number and then went back home. Bangkok MILFs are the best!