Asiansexdiary - Manilen: Finally took that ...
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Manilen: Finally took that ...

Dear Diary, I finally had my date with the virgin today! We had agreed to meet at the Circle Park and there she was, ready for me.. no joke! Life can be so beautiful. Ok, so she’s a little bit chubby, not all that cute and looks more like a nerd but who cares, a virgin is a virgin, right? She’s never had a bf before, never kissed or anything! I had to teach her everything. After I got her naked (her body was not that bad after-all), I had to explain to her how to give a proper blowjob but she was learning quite fast. I loved licking her fresh pussy, which was much like a flower but it was time for man’s work now! So I carefully pushed my dick inside of her. It was so small and a real pleasure! The deeper I could get into her, the more I enjoyed it. I saw a little bit of blood appear, so the proof was there that she was a real virgin. I fucked Manilen in all positions, which she seemed to like. I asked her to come over again and she said that she was willing to but for now, she fell asleep beside me. Maybe I’ll try some more with her again tomorrow morning but since she’s a Christian girl who doesn’t want to fuck on a Sunday I can’t make any promises. I will get some sleep after uploading the video for you and see what happens.