Asiansexdiary - Maria
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Maria

Dear Diary, So, I had my date with that Russian model today. When she arrived, I knew it immediately that she was a self-centered diva like you only find in Russia. Complaining about everything (look how she reacts to the food) and constantly busy with her appearance. The best way to handle this type of girl is to give them all the attention they crave and to lure them this way, to your room. So that’s what I did and I totally owned this one. Look at how she was busy photoshopping her own pics on the spot, even when we were walking to my room. At first, she did not even realize yet that she was already in my room. The good thing is that she loved to pose and was such an easy-going slut. What a nice score, again, just before heading to Madagascar. It really makes me super-horny to seduce such a high-nose Russian slut. The fuck was better than I expected, I must say. And she must have liked it, as well, since she is still with me here now. Not sure that she will sleep over, but it might happen. Hopefully I can creampie her before she leaves. I’ll keep you posted!