Asiansexdiary - May
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - May

Dear Diary, Changed hotels, this morning. I now have a big room with a living-room and good light to shoot with. I then went outside to have breakfast and on my way back, I met this very petite girl with a Hello Kitty jacket on, shopping in a small store (7/11 type of grocery). She smiled when I talked to her. She was clearly surprised. Once outside, I continued to talk with her and asked her name. Her name is May. She’s 18yo and not studying anymore. Instead, she works the evening market of Vientiane every night. I asked to take a picture and she said “yes”. Good sign. I agree that she doesn’t have the cutest face but that skinny and petite body of hers was more than good enough for me to invite her to my new place. She instantly agreed and seemed to be very easy-going. That’s what we like about these Asian girls! In my room, I continued to flirt with her. I touched and kissed her, which she loved. I didn’t wait to undress her and show her my dick. She got the message and from then on it was all a great pleasure party. Just a girl next door with a nice petite body. Very satisfied, especially after I creampied her twice. After that, we talked a little longer (with Google translate) and then she left. She had to prepare for work at the market and her parents were starting to send her messages. She gave me her number. So guys, as you can see, I heard your prayers and I am hunting for new pussy again. Let’s forget about Wiw on this trip.