Asiansexdiary - May
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - May

Dear Diary, Went for a walk along the Mekong to find the manicure girl but couldn’t find her. I will try again, tomorrow. On my way back, I saw a girl standing alone. I took my chances and said hello. She smiled back and then walked away. When I was on my way to my hotel, I saw her again walking behind me. I talked with her again and this time she seemed to be willing to talk. Her problem is that she didn’t speak a word of English, so I employed the help of Google translate. Her name is May (Another one again!?), 22yo and working as an accountant in the hotel next to mine. That’s why she was walking the same way as I was. I invited her for a drink in my room. After some hesitation, she said yes. I saw that she had a tattoo on her hand, so in my imagination she wasn’t that innocent and as shy as she looked until now. In my room, she continued to be very shy so I used Google translate, again, and we talked for 20 minutes before I could convince her to make some pictures. I had also touched her a little and she seemed to be responsive to that, so I started to make pics of her and she got even more uncomfortable and shy. That so turned me on! That type of girl is the best. She probably never went to a foreigner’s room before, let alone fucked one. I alter found that out to be true. Anyways, I had to work hard on this one and it took some time but I got her to undress. When I asked her to take off her jeans, she wanted to go to the bathroom first. Always a good sign as she was probably going to go clean her pussy. The real issue was not even making the pics and video but her confidence about her body and beauty. She was shy about her small boobs, that’s all. But by being sweet to her, she got to understand that I loved it and so, slowly, I got her nude and sucking my dick… finally. She got horny and I saw that she wanted to play with her pussy. So I encouraged her to do so for the camera. Look at that hairy and natural pussy of hers! This was such a good fuck. I was really so fucking horny and enjoyed it a lot. Finished it all off with a good creampie, as usual. She took a shower and then we talked 30 minutes longer before she left. She gave me her number and clearly hopes for a second round but I would rather go hunt for more, to be honest.