Asiansexdiary - May
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - May

Dear Diary, As I said yesterday, I managed to set up a date with a girl that I met on Badoo. I liked her pics and she was chatting about meeting me. That was a good sign for an easy fuck, right? Well, we met in the Terminal 21 mall and when I arrived, she was already waiting for me along with a ladyboy/bodyguard. That was to be expected since many Asian girls will first come with a friend to be sure that everything is OK. I first invited them both out to eat some sushi, since that’s always a good idea to get a girl to your room faster. Thai girls love sushi 🙂 Once in the restaurant, it was clear that May was shy, especially because of her English. That’s why she probably brought her friend. I got to know that she works as an accountant and that she is 24yo. I loved her pink dress. After some chitchat, I asked her if we could make some pics in my room. She instantly agreed. The game was on. We finished our food, I paid the bill and we left the ladyboy alone and once in my room, we started the shoot. She was still shy but seemed to enjoy the attention, as well. When she took off her pink dress, I discovered that she had fat big hanging tits. Yummy!! Exactly what I needed today. I got her to go full nude. Thai girls are really easy. Then action, of course. Loved those tits man. I ate her pussy and she came very fast. I got a good BJ and then started to fuck that Badoo-pussy. So good man. Loved it. Look how those tits were bouncing! Isn’t that amazing?! After a good deep creampie, we went back outside to a 7/11 where her friend was waiting for her. A last kiss and then she left… byebye… never see you again, haha.