Asiansexdiary - Mickey
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Mickey

Dear Diary, Changed hotels again and decided to go for it today. I really needed fresh pussy. Went for a long walk and passed different markets. Around 7pm, I crossed a girl that I really liked. She was petite and had a funny smile. I followed her and decided to talk to her. I though that I was filming it, but I must have pushed too softy on the record button. Later, I used my iPhone and so you can still see when I am entering my hotel with her. We talked for 20 minutes outside. Her name is Mickey, a 19yo hotel-school student from Chiang Mai. Very girl-next-door type, very funny and sweet. It was not easy to convince her to come to my room, but I felt that she was tempted to. I was right. Later on, in my room, it became more and more clear how naughty and horny this girl was. We started with some pics and made her undress slowly. I loved those small boobs of hers. It’s when I started to eat her pussy, that she really got wild. She already came after 5 minutes. She gave me a real good BJ before I started to fuck her like an animal. She was screaming like crazy. Oh yes, it has been awhile for us both, baby, haha. Just loved banging this petite sweetheart. I must have came twice and she, as well. When finished, she had to hurry home. Her mom had been calling her. Bye bye, baby!