Asiansexdiary - Mickey
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Mickey

Dear Diary, So, I had my date with Mickey today at a fancy up-town restaurant. I had to take the subway to get there. I was well prepared, knowing that I would try to trick her to my room with my gift-tactic. You can see well in this video how I did that. I am sure she originally came to just meet and make me spend my money on her before going back home. That’s how they do it in the West. As she’s been living in France for a year now, she probably already learned that bad habit. I had another plan: bang her the same night. I am only here for one week, so it had to happen now. She arrived 30mins late (another trick) but I played mister “nice guy” and let her choose whatever she wanted. She took an expensive steak and even a dessert but I didn’t mind, because I had one big plan: fuck her tonight. You can really see her reactions to my advances that she had another plan in mind but I got her where I wanted her! 1 hour later, we were sitting in a taxi back to my hotel! Great girl, 22 years old and still has the gogogirl-glow to her. She has a little more weight, but still very ok. Once in my room, I gave her the gift. Now this together with my fancy room immediately turned her on. I knew I was going to bang her tonight. She took her shower and I started to shoot our little porn movie. I hope her French ex-husband is a member here, haha. She told me how this guy had like 4 girlfriends at the same time. I wonder why he even married her… Anyways, I got her for myself tonight and ate that perfectly shaven pussy of hers and she gave all the wonders of Thailand in the coming 30mins of hardcore porn. Thank you Paris, Thank you Thailand. What a wonderful international collaboration! She left and she said that she will come back…