Asiansexdiary - Mot
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Mot

Dear Diary, Got a message back from Namwan this morning. It’s a girl I fucked on a previous visit to Chiang Mai, a typical province girl. She had a friend in her village that wanted to come over for a shoot. I had to pay her bus and a little extra. I agreed, of course, especially when she said that she was 19, skinny and only had 1 BF before. Almost a virgin, haha. I expected her at 2pm but she only arrived at 4. Her bus took 90 min to arrive in Chiang Mai. She probably also left her home late. We started right away and she was a bit shy for this all. I really had to teach her everything. No English, so we also got lost in translations. But guys, what a great body she has. I got her nude and just loved her boobs so much. When I wanted her to touch my dick, she was almost afraid. She said she never touched or sucked a dick before. So you can see that I had to show her how. I loved it. Then, it was time for action and she seemed to be a starfish. I am not lucky these days. I didn’t want to bother too much and enjoyed the fucked with creampie. Then she left, back to the bus station.