Asiansexdiary - Mutmee
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Mutmee

Dear Diary, Third day in Koh Chang and Mutmee had promised to meet up with me today for a good fuck. By this morning, I still had no messages from her, so I went for a walk in the hotel, trying to find her working but there were other girls in charge. Then finally, at 1pm, I got a message from her that she would start at 2pm and that she could come to see me on her break at 4pm. She would only have 15 minutes for me, though. Short, but enough for a short fuck for sure. Before going to my room, I went for a walk on the beach to film some cute ass in bikinis before awaiting Mutmee’s visit in my room. At 4:05pm, she knocked at my door. I let her in and we started to kiss, immediately. I had put 2 cameras in place to shoot this, incase she didn’t want to do a shoot yet, and I filmed with my glasses, as well. This was so fucking horny. I started to undress and she went to her knees to suck my dick before I then turned her around, took off her pants and fucked her right then and there, in doggy. I decided to take out a camera and she did not say a thing, so… I just continue filming. Great girl, man. I am so fucking lucky. She has a perfect skinny ass, small tits and a well-shaven pussy. What a little slut she is! It took not 15 but 25 minutes. I just couldn’t stop and she kept on screaming like a naughty bitch. How could I stop? When I came, I wrote the date on her ass and then she hurried back to work. Is this not a new milestone in Asian Porn, guys?! Hahah… and the week only began 🙂