Asiansexdiary - Nam
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Nam

Dear Diary, It was quite late last night when I arrived, so I went to sleep immediately. Today is was first day in Bangkok, so I decided to walk around. I first took a taxi to Patpong, which is an old district with a lot of bars. It was 11am, so I think it was too early to find girls here. It was quiet there but I could see some nice chicks already. After that I took a skytrain and followed some girls but couldn’t talk to them. They either seemed too hurried or not alone. This is definitely NOT the Philippines! I still need to get adapted but for sure, those Thai girls look gorgeous! I did have a date today with a MILF mama that I have chatted with 2 or 3 times before. She lives in Bangkok and insisted on meeting me upon my arrival. I was doubting I would do it knowing that she looked real fat but what did I care? A fuck is a fuck… and remembering her messages on the dating site, I knew this woman was desperate to fuck a farang man! We met at 4 in front of my hotel and she was even bigger then I expected. At first she didn’t want me to film it but once we were in my room, I convinced her by saying that I wanted to have pictures of her. It only took like 10 minutes before she started to suck my dick and 10 minutes later I had fucked and creampied her fat ass. Welcome in Thailand! After that was done we went to eat outside but again, no camera allowed 🙁 I heard that Thai girls are much more difficult to shoot and I believe that it is probably true now. I can’t stay too long in this country then.