Asiansexdiary - Nan
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Nan

Dear Diary, I woke up this morning seeing Trump becoming the president of the free world. Clearly a message of change! So, yes, I needed a good fuck today! Decided to use the tip that I got yesterday about this pop-up Thai village in Kuala Lumpur. Took a taxi and arrived there a bit early. No girls to be seen, except some sexy stewards in uniform. I was thinking about talking to them when 2 girls arrived. One didn’t like my camera, but the other was OK with it. Her name is Nan, a 28yo half Thai, half Lao girl. She seemed to have a sexy body, so I invited them for a drink. After 20 minutes talking, the deal was made (for a normal price!) and off we went to my hotel. Nan was a bit shy but very willing to get fucked. She only arrived in KL 2 weeks ago and really needed a customer. Nice flat tits and juicy pussy. Great body too, for her age. Had a good fuck to start this first trip to Malaysia. Talked, after our fun, about other girls in town… but she was too fresh here to anyone. I will continue this way, just walking around. Don’t expect Malaysian girls that fast, guys, I heard that they are the hardest in this town. We’ll see.