Asiansexdiary - Nat / Bay park
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Nat / Bay park

Dear Diary, Went to bay park today. Very impressed by everything. Garden, architecture… all super futuristic. I arrived a bit too late to visit the Dome but I was honestly not into visiting gardens too much. I needed pussy. So, I walked back to my hotel and decided to visit the Orchard Towers again since I have not visited there since my new arrival. Once inside, I talked with a few girls and ended up taking a Thai MILF with me, who basically works as a maid for rich Chinese people in Singapore. She has been working in Singapore for 8 years now, is 30yo and is definitely a very sweet girl. Took her to my room and she was very shy about all of this. We took pictures and decided not to spend too much time on the posing. Licked her pussy to warm her up and she got very horny. She gave me one of the best deep blow jobs I have ever had. I got so excited that I came deep in her throat already. That was damn good! Then, I fucked her. On top, she came her self. I wanted more and entered her ass with my dick. She let me do it and that was exactly what I expected from a Thai MILF… a good anal fuck, I came again! Success! After that, she left. She had to go to sleep early as she starts work at 6am every day.