Asiansexdiary - Nees
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Nees

Dear Diary, MILFS adventures part 2 is ON!!! I have been back to the same beer bar where there was that girl that I already saw two days ago, Nees. Curly hair, nice big boobs and a 29yo MILF. We talked, drank and had fun at her bar. She might have heard from Mina that it was great to be with, because she insisted on making pictures like I did with Mina. Who am I to say no to this sexy lady with a beautiful face?? Up to my hotel it is, then! But… on the way, I bought her a dress and shoes. I was in a good mood and I know that girls get even more horny after shopping. The result was just too wonderful. She sucked my dick like only Thai MILFs could. With passion, hunger and in need of white dick. Ok, her body isn’t any more sexy than those 19yo barsluts, but I can promise you that it feels just as good once you are inside! For the facial lovers out there… here is one especially for you 🙂 There was another MILF showing her boobs to me today.. she’ll be next on my diary, for sure! A perfect MILF trilogy!