Asiansexdiary - Nelly
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Nelly

Dear Diary, As I said yesterday, I visited a nice poolbar in one of the hotels. I heard many Chinese tourist were staying there and they were right. I grabbed a little cocktail and waited. Suddenly – a lonely Chinese girl came to sit 2 seats from me. I took a bad-boy attitude and told her to sit next to me. It worked, haha. A friend once told me that this is the way to handle Chinese girls. Just tell them what to do and they will do it. Here is the proof! We talked a bit and I found out that this 20yo’s nickname is Nelly. She says that she is from Shanghai and is on vacation with 5 other friends. They were all in their room playing games or sleeping, she said. I smelt an opportunity here and I took it. I always wanted to fuck a Chinese tourist, so this was my chance! Nelly and I talked, using the translator, and after 20 minutes of that I simply just told her that I was going to take her with me to my room and she simply agreed. Wow! I need to do more Chinese again, haha. So off to my hotel, where I talked with her again to be sure she was willing to pose… and she was! From there, it went all super-smooth. She was clearly curious and excited to fuck a white dick. She was so horny, man, I could do with her whatever I wanted, and I did. Undressed her, admired her small perfect pussy (almost no hair!) and then let her give me a great blowjob. I fucked the hell out of her with a nice creampie at the end. She then had to go back to her own hotel. Nelly got worried about her friends! haha