Asiansexdiary - Ning
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Ning

Dear Diary, I decided to have a good sleep, after my failed attempt to shoot that hot pool girl. But – I got a message from that same girl, at midnight, saying that she was partying at Home disco! So I took a shower and hurried to go there. I thought that this was a sign that she changed her mind. I was so excited, already, but I got another big disappointment. She was there and was happy to see me but didn’t change her opinion. Sex yes, video No. Damn. I think she only asked me to come over to pay for her drinks. This was so frustrating! BUT! From the bad, came something good… maybe even something better! An 18 year old lil’ lady, with Tattoo’s, came to dance with me and was openly flirting. I asked her, right away, to leave the party and come make some pics at my place. She said “yes” and even kissed me in front of that hard-to-get hottie. You must have seen her face!!! Haha! It happened all so sudden that I was not even ready to film the moment and only started to shoot when we walked outside. Ning continued to be flirty (and slutty), once in my room. It all went super easy and I got super-excited because of those little pointy nipples of hers. She started to play with her pussy the moment she got her panties off. Danced a little while I started to jerk off before given a very lovely and smooth blowjob. Of course, I returned the favour and ate that pussy… where she came for first time with me. The mood was set! I simply fucked her pussy, bareback, no questions asked. Deep creampie, naturally! I want to fuck that little slut again, for sure. She slept at my place but had to leave by 6am. I would have loved to fuck her again but she was in a hurry to leave. Sad… but who am I to complain?